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Tech Gadgets

Cell phone cases, computer cases and custom designer accessories for all your devices!

Technology is such an important aspect of everyday life, and today the average person has three pieces of hardware they use on a daily basis. With everyone owning an iPhone, Mac computer or Windows tablet, you almost need cell phone cases and laptop computer covers to distinguish yourself from everyone else around you. We at Jamie Ann Online want to help you stand out in your own personal way, which is exactly why we offer personalized designer accessories for all your tech gadgets. 

Whether you have a laptop, an iPad, Android phone or simply want a sticker to spice up your gear, we have you covered. We offer customizable options for every device you have, in designer products like Boatman Geller and Clairebella.

Boatman Geller:

Bright colors, pastel patterns and lettering define Boatman Geller’s style. Their simplistic designs provide fun looks while maintaining a classy appeal, giving your tech accessories a classic stationary feel. 


Personalized gifts originally designed by Kathy Denness, Clairebella offers rich and stylish decorations on a variety of products. Our tech accessories embody Clariebella’s clean style and bright personality through their garden and home patterns.

With Jamie Ann Online you can customize anything with your favorite colors, initials, Greek or sorority mascots and a wide variety of fun colors. Whether you’re interested in buying a one of a kind gift for friends or family, or simply updating your look, Jamie Ann Online has everything you need!